About The Boys


Good question!

The Roofline Boys are made up from a selection of purposely bred individuals, programmed to successfully fulfil every aspect of our roof line and cladding replacement business. Some of the Boys have been designed to be fantastic communicators (as well as highly skilled workers), eagerly waiting to answer our phones and deal with any questions or requests you may have. Others have been programmed to provide you with our high standards of workmanship and installations, working hard all day and keeping you up to speed on the progress of the job. The only malfunction we have yet to eliminate is the boys will occasionally have the need for tea. Providing this will ensure that they are fully functional until the end of the day.

Although The Boys have been programmed to carry a range of different work traits, there is one thing that we insist is hard coded into all which is to make your experience with us a remarkable one.

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Why, Where and How Did You Get Started?

The idea behind the Roofline Boys was born after the company director, who’d had many years experience within this industry, learnt that, after operating our sister company The Loft Boys, there was a demand for an equally reliable and honest company catering for this service also.

As an added bonus the management that was employed by The Loft Boys also had many years experience in the replacement fascias, soffit and cladding industry, not only on an installation level but with in retail and surveying side meaning it was an easy decision to start up.

What Makes You Much Better?

With the overall skill, knowledge & experience we hold as a company within this industry enables us to provide a far superior service than the majority of our competitors.  Combine that with our attitude and belief that each and every job we carry out is treated as our only job and all staff fully understand that the success of this job will lead us onto to the next. Taking this attitude means that you and your home and possessions will be looked after and treated with the upper most respect. Being specialists means that we are able to work to an extremely high standard within a very short period of time, minimising the inconvenience of having workers around your home. We are so confident and proud of our workmanship that we operate a ‘No Deposit‘ policy. We will supply all the materials needed and carry out a full installation before even thinking about payment. This means you have peace of mind that the job will be completed to a satisfactory level before parting with any of your hard earned cash. (We even offer you discounts should you want to write a short testimonial about how pleased you were with our service).

We also believe in transparency and detest anything that comes with a hidden costs so should part of your job take longer than originally expected you will only pay the fixed priced quoted amount. We will not increase any part of our quote to suit us. The price we quote will be the amount you pay!

All products used by us are of the highest quality and meet with British Standards. They also come with a fantastic written and insurance backed guarantee!

How Much Experience do You Have?

Our current work force holds a combined 55 years experience covering every aspect of the industry.

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We wanted to show that we are approachable and although we are deadly serious when it comes to our work, we believe business doesn’t always have to be.

Is it Really Just Boys?

Nope, that would never work. We have the wonderful Sharron keeping us all on our toes and organised. She certainly doesn’t bite. Go on give her a call – you’ll see!